Wood Carriage Specifications



All of our carriages are constructed from hand picked clear Kiln-dried Ash or White oak. Our beams are laminated from eight, ten and twelve quarter material using waterproof glue and high pressure along with constant temperature. In gluing up the beams we reverse the grains to make our beams actually more sturdy than an original with the grain all going in the same direction.


We first treat all wood parts with a copper naphthenate solution as was done on original carriages of the period. (2) Second, we apply two coats of boiled linseed oil(heated). (3) Next ,we use a 100% acrylic bonding primer specially formulated by the Porter Paint Co. of Louisville, Ky. that contains mildacides along with rust inhibitors and bonding agents that makes a superior intermediate coat between the copper naphthenate and the boiled linseed oil solution and the finish coats. Porter Paints is the only company in the paint industry to have this special primer available. (4) Nest all the wood receives a coat of Oil Base enamel. (5) We then use a industrial grade 100% acrylic paint finish (3 coats) that is guaranteed to out last any oil base paint two-to-one against chipping, peeling, color retention, and years of service before repainting is required. I’m a former paint company owner and according to all major paint companies and the National Paint Institute that does most of the independent testing of all paints agrees that 100% acrylic paint finishes are the superior way to treat outside surfaces. As you can see, our methods are of the highest quality and we feel you could not purchase a carriage from anyone that will last longer than ours.


All of our hardware is made exactly to the orginial specifications. Some parts are made of ductal iron or semi-steel and the rest is either machined on lathes & milling equipment or hand forged. All of our hardware is hand finished by filing and sanding so there is no parting lines or rough edges. Finally, two (2) coats of red oxide rust-inhibitive primer followed with two (2) coats of gloss industrial enamel are applied.

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