Why should you purchase a Bronze barrel from Steen Cannons?


All of our barrels are cast SOLID, VERTICALLY with a “deadhead or sprue”. This is the method used in the period in which the original barrels were cast. By casting vertically, barrels are more likely to be free of any imperfections because all of the impurities and gases rise to the top of the barrel and collect in the sprue of deadhead portion. The deadhead or sprue is cut off or machined off leaving only the barrel itself.

Barrels are then machine bored using deep hole gun drilling equipment After the barrel is bored, we install a 65,000 pound tensile strength liner with a breech plug that has a radius and has been threaded and welded into the liner.

All of our barrels are cast three quarters of and inch bigger than the original specifications and then the barrels and trunnions are lathe turned using computerized lathes and milling machines. You can be assured that every barrel is exactly to the original specifications. Some companies lathe finish their barrels by means of just sanding the outside while the lathe turns the barrels; and very few companies machine their trunnions.

All of our barrels come with a copper vent threaded into the barrel.

We have supplied bronze barrels to such noted National Battlefields as Vicksburg and Petersburg. “Steen Cannons will always set the standard that all other companies will try to match.”

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