Siege Carriage Specifications

Material Components Aluminum, #356 and B-535 Almag
Trail = #356 Aluminum
Cheeks, Axle & Wheels = B-535 Almag
Total Weight Approximately 3000 lbs. (the heaviest in the industry)
Metal Thickness Trail = 1″ (one inch)
Cheek, ¾” (three quarters inch)
Wheels, Spokes & Fellies = solid
Hub = 4″ wall thickness
Axle, 3″ (three inch) and solid
Special Features
  1. Solid ductile iron Axle (65,000 lb. tensile strength) made to original specifications with special barrier placed between iron and aluminum.
  2. Elevation screw box cast in solid brass.
  3. All hardware constructed from either steel or ductile iron.
Exterior Finish
  1. All aluminum components are etched with a special Aluma-Prep solution.
  2. All metal components and hardware are painted with a High-Performance Red Oxide Primmer.
  3. Aluminum components are painted with an industrial two-part metal epoxy.
  4. A faux wood grain finish is applied over epoxy finish.
  5. Two coats of 100% Acrylic water base industrial finish is applied for final finish. The result is a strong durable finish that can still be easily maintained in the field unlike “Powder-Coated” finishes that have to be sent back to the factory for re-painting.
  Click here for Seige Carriage Specifications .pdf

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