naval carriage 3

4- Truck Naval Carriage for 32-pounder Naval Gun

Navy carriages during the Civil War were of three basic types: broadside, pivot, and monitor. Broadside mounts operated from the sides of ships, generally through ports, and although there had been numerous experimental types prior the the war, three models may be considered standard: the 4-truck, Marsilly, and an iron carriage for the 8-inch Dahlgren of 6500 pounds. The carriage we offer is an all metal truck carriage that would normally be constructed in wood. We were contracted to produce this carriage for the Shiloh National Battlefield to be placed in position near the Tennessee River. Because this area floods from time to time the park felt that wood would not hold up. Our ductile iron 4-truck carriage for the 32-pounder naval cannon is a faithful reproduction of the original wood 4-truck carriage.

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