Front Pintle Barbette Carriage

This carriage was used to support the 12-,18-,24-,32- and 42-pounder guns. The 8-inch sea coast howitzer utilized the 32-pounder carriage. Our carriage is fabricated from 1/4″ (.25″) plate steel with careful attention to details that were on the original wood carriage. All wheels are cast in ductile iron to original specifications. WE have left off no detail that would appear on an original wood carriage. NO OTHER COMPANY IN THE INDUSTRY PRODUCES A CARRIAGE WITH THE DETAIL THAT OURS HAS. All metal is primed and top coated with a two part epoxy undercoat with a 100% acrylic finish. If you compare our specifications against our competition you will find ours is the the best carriage for the money.

You can see more pictures of this carriage and the 24-pounder siege gun by going to past projects and checking out Fort Curtis in Helena, AR. Our company will also custom deliver and help set up these carriages.

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