24-pounder aluminum barrel

Aluminum Decorative Cannon Barrels

Steen Cannons has an array of aluminum decorative cannon barrels that includes all the United States field tubes; example, 1841 6-pounder, field howitzer, 3-inch ordnance rifle, napoleon and as big as the 32-pounder siege gun. Don’t be fooled by thinking you can save money and get the same look as iron barrels by choosing fiberglass barrels…they will not hold up to out door display. We replaced several fiberglass barrels at Harper’s Ferry National Historic Site that broke after being on display 30 minutes after a school bus of children climbed on them. Our aluminum cannon barrels are cast from high strength aluminum with a minimum of a one inch wall thickness and two inch wall thickness on the bigger barrels. Once they are painted not only do they look like iron barrels, they feel like them too. All of our barrels come with historic correct markings (Stampings) so they look totally authentic. Pictured are a few of our barrels in place, as you can see, they look like the real thing. Normally all of our barrels are painted black but for a small up charge, we can apply a faux weathered bronze finish to simulate the bronze barrels you see in the battlefields. You can see samples in the photos below.

Aluminum Decorative Cannon Barrels are usually more than half the price of our fully functional barrels.

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