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All-Metal Field Carriage, Model 1884 for the Model 1883 Gatling Gun

This “all-metal” field carriage was constructed by the Watervliet Arsenal during late 1884. It was designed for use with the Model 1883 Gatling Gun fitted for the Accles feed. As was the standard U.S. Army practice, Archibald wheels, with wooden spokes and felloes, were used. No provision was made for filling the Accles drums, a rather slow process. The carriage was designed by Lt. W.B. Gordon of the Ordnance Department. A number were rushed into production. Four were made with the experimental hinged handspike in the illustration. This carriage, complete with chests and implements, weighed 594 pounds. The Gatling Gun added another 245 pounds. Four Accles feeds were carried in the axle-mounted chests; they weighed 16 pounds each. (From the 1885 manual)

Steen Cannons has produced a true replica of the 1884 Gatling Gun Field Carriage. This carriage requires over 200 hours of labor and specialized riveting skills to produce this carriage. The wheels are exact replicas of the Archibald wheels, even down to the lettering on the hubs. We require 6 months to build this carriage once we receive an order. Carriage comes with both drum boxes.

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