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No. 3 Field Carriage

The No. 3 Field Carriage is similar again to the No. 1 and No. 2 Field Carriage except larger. This carriage is designed to support the 20-pounder parrott rifle and the 32-pounder field howitzer. WE offer this carriage in wood and also cast aluminum for out door…

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British 6-pounder Traveling Gun Carriage

The British Traveling Gun Carriage for the light 6-pounder battalion gun of 1776 is similar to the garrison carriage except for the wheel height. The traveling carriage has a wheel height of 58-inches where as the garrison has a wheel height of 50-inch. There are other subtle…


Aluminum Wiard Gun Carriage

We now offer an all aluminum gun carriage for outdoor display for the 6- and 12-pounder Wiard gun. The detail is unbelievable. Every detail is exactly to original specifications. the pictures are worth a thousand words.


Ammo Box and Limber for Mountain Howitzer and Mountain Rifle

The U.S. Model 1835 12-pounder mountain howitzer and the Confederate Tredegar mountain rifle had it’s own special limber and ammunition chests for the 1st and 2nd Model Prairie Carriage and the mountain rifle. Pictured are samples of these items. Faithfully reproduced as best that can be because…


Field Limber and Ammunition Chest

All field carriages used the same limber, a two-wheel vehicle with a single chest over the axle and a pintle at the rear over which the lunette, an iron ring at the end of the carriage trail, could be dropped and locked. This converted the two wheel…

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