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In viewing our web site if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, give us a call. When it comes to all things associated with artillery and taking in multiple wars, it's hard to list everything. If you don't see it that does not mean we can't either make it for you or find it for you.
24-pounder aluminum barrel

Aluminum Decorative Cannon Barrels

Steen Cannons has an array of aluminum decorative cannon barrels that includes all the United States field tubes; example, 1841 6-pounder, field howitzer, 3-inch ordnance rifle, napoleon and as big as the 32-pounder siege gun. Don’t be fooled by thinking you can save money and get the…

PD 2.9 Parrott New 2

No. 1 Field Carriage

Three sizes of carriages were used for field service in the Civil War first one being the No. 1 field carriage. This carriage supported the 6-pounder gun and 12-pounder field howitzer, 3-inch ordnance rifle, 2.9 (10-pounder) parrott rifle and the 3-inch parrott rifle. This carriage was used…


No. 2 Field Carriage

Three sizes of carriages were used for field service in the Civil War. The middle size or No. 2 Field carriage was used to support the Model 1857 12-pounder napoleon and the 24-pounder field howitzer. The No. 2 field carriage was used in both North and the…


No. 3 Field Carriage

The No. 3 Field Carriage is similar again to the No. 1 and No. 2 Field Carriage except larger. This carriage is designed to support the 20-pounder parrott rifle and the 32-pounder field howitzer. WE offer this carriage in wood and also cast aluminum for out door…

Siege Carriage Finished 039 PD

Aluminum Siege Carriage

There were three separate siege carriages, similar except for size-one for the 12-pounder siege gun, one for the 18-pounder, and one for either the 24-pounder gun or 8-inch siege howitzer. With the advent of rifles during the war, the 18-pounder carriage was adapted to the 30-pounder parrott…


Front Pintle Barbette Carriage

This carriage was used to support the 12-,18-,24-,32- and 42-pounder guns. The 8-inch sea coast howitzer utilized the 32-pounder carriage. Our carriage is fabricated from 1/4″ (.25″) plate steel with careful attention to details that were on the original wood carriage. All wheels are cast in ductile…

naval carriage 3

4- Truck Naval Carriage for 32-pounder Naval Gun

Navy carriages during the Civil War were of three basic types: broadside, pivot, and monitor. Broadside mounts operated from the sides of ships, generally through ports, and although there had been numerous experimental types prior the the war, three models may be considered standard: the 4-truck, Marsilly,…

Dahlgren Boat Howitzer  2008 018

Dalhgren Boat Howitzer Carriage

The Dahlgren field carriage gave the boat howitzer portability on land, drawn with drag-ropes “readily by a dozenmen, a force always disposable from any boat that could carry a gun of this class.” We offer two sizes of Dahlgren boat howitzer carriages, one for the light 12-pounder…


First Model Prairie Carriage

The 12-pounder mountain howitzer was used in the Mexican War, Civil War & the Indian War.The Mountain howitzer was used on three different types of carriages, the first model prairie and the second model prairie carriage and the pack carriage. Our most popular carriage that we sell…


Ammo Box and Limber for Mountain Howitzer and Mountain Rifle

The U.S. Model 1835 12-pounder mountain howitzer and the Confederate Tredegar mountain rifle had it’s own special limber and ammunition chests for the 1st and 2nd Model Prairie Carriage and the mountain rifle. Pictured are samples of these items. Faithfully reproduced as best that can be because…


Field Limber and Ammunition Chest

All field carriages used the same limber, a two-wheel vehicle with a single chest over the axle and a pintle at the rear over which the lunette, an iron ring at the end of the carriage trail, could be dropped and locked. This converted the two wheel…


Caisson Carriages

The caisson, a surprisingly efficient ammunition carrier which could follow the guns anywhere, was composed of a body, containing two ammunition chests and a standard field limber. It carried a spare wheel at the rear, an extra pole slung beneath, and in emergencies it’s limber could be…


Aluminum Wiard Gun Carriage

We now offer an all aluminum gun carriage for outdoor display for the 6- and 12-pounder Wiard gun. The detail is unbelievable. Every detail is exactly to original specifications. the pictures are worth a thousand words.

Lunette View

All-Metal Field Carriage, Model 1884 for the Model 1883 Gatling Gun

This “all-metal” field carriage was constructed by the Watervliet Arsenal during late 1884. It was designed for use with the Model 1883 Gatling Gun fitted for the Accles feed. As was the standard U.S. Army practice, Archibald wheels, with wooden spokes and felloes, were used. No provision…

Installing carriages at WP 3 Web

British 6-pounder Traveling Gun Carriage

The British Traveling Gun Carriage for the light 6-pounder battalion gun of 1776 is similar to the garrison carriage except for the wheel height. The traveling carriage has a wheel height of 58-inches where as the garrison has a wheel height of 50-inch. There are other subtle…

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