Original Ordnance for Sale

If you have an original cannon you would like for us to sell we will be glad to help you. We have several clients that will pay top dollar for original ordnance. We have thousands of people that come on our web site just like your doing now that are in the market to purchase either a reproduction or an original. We charge a 10% fee for original ordnance and a 18% fee for reproduction ordnance. Contact us to discuss how we can help you sell your cannon!

Reproduction 12-pounder Napoleon cannon and Limber/ammo chest

Barrel has a 3 inch bore and was made by South Bend Replicas, Carriage made by Ash Ordnance Works. Cannon and Limber was build in 1979~80. Complete unit is in very good condition, wheels very tight and only mild rust on chains. Unit will be sold as…


Two Original 3-inch Ordnance Rifles for sale. No. 47 and No. 77

The Yankee Three-inch rifle was a dead shot at any distance under a mile. They could hit the end of a flour barrel more often than miss, unless the gunner got rattled. This tribute was grudgingly given by a member of Lumsden’s Confederate battery while it was…

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