Metal Carriage Specifications

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Why should you purchase a Metal Gun Carriage from Steen Cannons?

All of our metal gun carriages are cast from ductile iron or aluminum. Ductile iron is a casting material similar to steel. Ductile iron has a casting strength of sixty thousands pounds tensile; twenty thousands pounds stronger than mild steel. Our Aluminum Carriages are cast from thirty five thousand pound tensile strength aluminum.

Metal gun carriages are the preferred carriage for outside use. Our carriages are designed to last a life time with little maintenance.

We use all iron and steel components and parts on our carriages. On our Aluminum Carriages we do bolt on iron parts using steel bolts, washers, and nuts however we put a special backing behind every part so as not to create Galvanic Corrosion. ” GALVANIC CORROSION” When two metallic materials are in contact in the presence of a corrosive electrolyte. corrosion still increase on the least noble material (the anode) and decrease on the noblest (the cathode). The increase in corrosion is called galvanic corrosion.

All of our carriages are cast not fabricated from plate steel or aluminum.

All of our gun carriages are ground and sanded so that no casting seams are present from the casting method.

All of our carriages receive a 5 mill thickness of rust inhibitive paint with two part epoxy industrial enamel in olive drab and gloss black paint. A 100% acrylic exterior paint is used for the final (3) coats of paint.

We are the only company that can supply you with the correct size of gun carriage tar your barrel. Most companies use a No. 1 Field Carriage Trail), Axle, and Wheels and bolt on No. 2 Cheeks or No.3 Cheeks when they are required to furnish a No.2 or No.3 Carriage. The result is a very disproportionate gun carriage with over-sized rondelles.

The finish product is a carriage that when put beside a traditional wood carriage people find it hard to tell the difference.

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