Front Pintle Barbette Carriage Specifications

Materials .25 (1/4″) steel
Components Carriage and Chassis
Total Weight Approximately 4200 lbs. (the heaviest in the industry)
Metal Thickness Carriage & Chassis = .25″
  • Wheels -Cast almag aluminum
  • Roller Wheels – ductile iron
  • Traverse wheels – ductile iron
Axle Ductile iron
Special Features Our carriage is constructed to the exact
dimensions of the original. Every detail that you will find
on the origianl wood carriage you will see on our metal carriage.
Exterior Finish All surfaces are cleaned with metal prep
and etched. All metal surfaces receive a special rust inhibitive
primer then a two part epoxy industrial coating. A 100%
acrylic top coating is then applied multiple times with a simulated
wood grain finish.
  Ft. Pintle Barbette Specifications PDF

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