Steen Cannon & Ordnance Works offer a wide variety of carriages. WE are the major supplier of out door metal carriages for the National Park Service.

In the department of Field gun carriages, we make the following:
No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 Field carriages in wood, aluminum and ductile iron,
Wiard Carriage for 6-Pdr and 12-Pdr In Aluminum only

First Model and Second Model Prairie Carriage for Mountain Howitzer, In wood or ductile iron

1776 6-pounder Traveling Carriage for British 6-Pdr, In wood or all aluminum

In the department of Siege carriages, we make the following:
No. 1 Siege carriage for the 12-Pdr. Gun and the 4.5 Siege Rifle in Wood and Aluminum
No. 2 Siege carriage for the 18-Pdr gun and the 30-Pdr. Parrott in wood and Aluminum
No. 3 Siege carriage for the 24-Pdr. gun and the 8-inch howitzer in wood and Aluminum

In the department of Siege and Garrison Carriages we make the following:
Barbette carriages for the 18, 24 and 32 pounder guns in all metal that looks like wood.

In the department of naval carriages, we make the following:
Light and heavy Dahlgren Boat howitzer carriage
All metal naval truck carriage for the 32-pounder shell gun.

In the department of support Carriages, we make the Field Limber and Caisson and Ammunition Chest in wood and aluminum.

1883 Gatling Gun metal field carriage

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