Carriage Pricing

Carriage Description Price
No 1 Field Carriage This carriage is used for the 6-pounder; 12-pounder field howitzer; 2.9 inch parrott rifle; 3.0 inch ordnance rifle; 3.0 inch parrott; and the 14-pounder James rifle along with numerous other cannon tubes with trunnions of 3.67 inch diameter $Call for Price   No 2 Field Carriage This carriage is used for the 24-pounder field howitzer and the 12-pounder model 1857 Napoleon along with numerous other cannons tubes with trunnions of 4.2 inch diameter. $Call for Price   No 3 Field Carriage This carriage is used for the 20-pounder Parrott or the 32-pounder field howitzer or the model 1841 12-pounder gun. Trunnion diameter is 4.62 inches. $Call for Price   Ductile Iron or Aluminum Carriage Our Metal carriages are the number one choice for those who need a carriage to be on display outside 365 days a year in all types of weather conditions. These carriages are designed to last a life time.

  • First Model Prairie Carriage (Ductile Iron Only)
  • No. 1 and No. 2 Field
  • No. 3 Field Carriage
  • 6-pounder & 12-Pounder Wiard Carriage
  • Aluminum Limber w/Aluminum Pole
  • Aluminum Ammo Box w/Copper Top
  • Aluminum Caisson (less Limber, Ammo Box, Spare Wheel)
Price Upon Request   Aluminum Siege & Garrison Carriages
  • 12-pounder Siege Gun Carriage
  • 18-pounder Seige Gun / 30-pounder Parrott
  • 24-pounder Siege Gun Carriage
Price Upon Request   Front Pintle Barbette Carriage fabricated in steel with simulated wood finish
  • 18-pounder siege gun24-pounder siege gun32-pounder siege gun Price Upon Request   4-Truck Naval Carriage Our ductile iron 4-truck carriage for the 32-pounder naval cannon is a faithful reproduction of the original wood 4-truck carriage. Price upon request   Dahlgren Boat Howitzer Field Carriage (Ductile Iron) This carriage is for Dahlgren Lt. Boat Howitzer (Iron Field Carriage) $1Call for Price   Dahlgren Boat Howitzer Field Carriage (Ductile Iron) This carriage is for Dahlgren Heavy Boat Howitzer (Iron Field Carriage) $Call for Price  

    U.S. 1st Model Prairie CarriageThis carriage is used for the 12-pounder Mountain Howitzer.$Call for PriceCarriage For Tredegar C.S.A. Mountain Rifle / Second Model Prairie Carriage for Mt. Howitzer $Call for PriceBed Mount for U.S. 24-pounder Coehorn Mortar and British 4.5-inch Coehorn Mortar, circa 1776″WE make various mortar beds for various types of mortars in the Coehorn style$Call for Price7 inch Carriage Wheels / per pairADD 5% for No. 2 Carriage Wheels Aluminum Wheels $Call for Price each$Call for Price42 inch Mt. Howitzer Wheels / per pair $Call for PriceLimber $Call for PriceLimber for Prairie System (Mt. Howitzer) $5,000Limber Ammo Box W./Copper Top (Cherry, Walnut, Oak, & Poplar Wood)Our Ammo boxes are built to exact Mordecai Specifications; cherry or walnut sides, dovetailed and nailed; oak bottom and middle petitioned, walnut & poplar lid cover with copper; remaining partitions are of pine or poplar.
    Petitions for smooth bore $Call for Price.00 extral for Rifled Guns $Call for Price.00 extra$Call for PriceLimber Ammo Box for Mt. HowitzerCanvas Covered Top$Call for PriceCaisson(less limber, Ammo Boxes, Spare Wheel & Limber Pole)$10,000
    British Light 6-pounder traveling gun carriage from the Treatise of Artillery 1780 by John Muller and the Course of Artillery by C. W. Rudyerd 1793 British Traveling split trail for the 6-pounder field gun used in the American Revolutionary War and War of 1812. We offer this carriage in wood or cast aluminum. Call for pricing   1884 All-Metal Gatling Gun Field Carriage This is the standard field carriage for the 1883 Gatling gun. $Call for Price  

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