PE,PD 2.9 Parrott New 2

U.S. Parrott Rifle 2.9 (10-Pounder) & 3-inch

The Parrott Rifle was designed by Robert Parker Parrott, a captain of Ordnance in the United States. As an inspector of cannon at West Point Foundry, Cold Springs, New York, he was asked to resign his commission and become superintendent of the foundry. It was there, just before the war, that he attempted to solve the rifling problem by developing a cast iron rifle wrapped at the breech with a reinforcing band of wrought iron. Civil War officers and today’s buffs may have their favorites-the Union 3-inch Ordnance Rifle, the Confederate Brooke, the Whitworths or Blakelys, gun for gun and caliber for caliber,maybe the Parrott couldn’t hold its own, but the Parrott was easy to operate by inexperienced cannoneers. In 1863 the Parrott rifle was changed to a 3-inch bore so that more common projectiles could be used. Also there was no muzzle swell.¬† Our tube comes only in 3-inch rifled or smooth bore but a choice of either the earlier 2.9 barrel¬† or the 1863 – 3-inch version. Also available is a decorative aluminum barrel used in monument type displays.

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