Cannon Implement Price List

Implement Price
Oak Handspikes $150
Wormer on oak staff $175
Wormor only $85
Sponge rammer with head, Synthetic Lambswool cover, copper band on rammer $150
Rammer heads or Sponge heads $45
Sponge Bucket $225
Tar Bucket $215
Prolong Complete (with Hemp Rope) $185
Prolong Irons Only $85
Sponge Covers (Cotton Duck Material) $65
Sponges (Replacement sponges with leather ring and copper nails) $45
Wheel Chocks: 2 chocks connected by rope = 1 pair $50 pair
Brass vent picks, oak handle $25
Vent Punch $20
Lanyard with steel hook $25
Gunners Gimlet $25
Primer Extractor $20
Leather Thumbstall $30
Vent Cover (leather) $65
Leather Implement Straps (5) for 1st Model Prairie Carriage $90
Lid straps for ammo box $100
Table of fire for ammo box $30
Barrel muzzle plug w/out straps $50
Barrel muzzle plug with straps $150
Pintle hitch or trailer $250
Bracket for Pintle hitch for trailer $100
Pad lock for ammo box $20
Former to make powder charges $25

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