Some Past Projects

Our History

Steen Cannons was started in early 1993 by Marshall Steen, It is the major supplier of ordnance for the National Park Service. Some of Steen Cannons customers in addition to the NPS are reinactors, cities, states and museums.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide our customers with full scale authentic reproductions of original pieces that can be used either for decorative purposes or fully operable firing pieces. All of our cannons are manufactured from specifications of artillery from the Land Services of the United States. We will also consider manufacturing any model as long as we can be provided with working drawings of the project. Marshall Steen has been in business all of his life and knows that service, quality of workmanship, and communication is the life line of a successful operation.

About Marshall Steen

Marshall is a third generation mortician (Funeral Director/Embalmer) and has been in the service related business all of his life. Currently he is a consultant in the funeral business and is the current Justice of the Peace (Magistrate) of Boyd County, Kentucky. Marshall makes it a point to always be available to communicate with you, the customer, when it comes to answering questions related to artillery. After selling one of the most successful paint businesses in Kentucky, Marshall transferred his knowledge of paint finishes, along with his many years of being an experienced furniture and cabinet maker, to now being able to supply his customers with the most state-of-the-art carriages available in the market place for long lasting durability.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that our barrels meet the highest standard in the industry and are finished with the highest grade products available to us. We guarantee that our gun carriages are built with finish grade kiln-dried solid oak and are treated with the highest quality methods and products prescribed by the National Paint Institute. However, even though we guarantee to use the highest grade lumber, we can not guarantee that in time, because of the differences in climate and humidity and the nature of wood to take on and give off moisture that, some cracking in the lumber will not occur.

We require a one-half down payment to begin orders on all carriages and barrels, with the remaining balance due one week before shipment. When ordering carriage parts or implements, we require payment in advance. We accept all major credit cards on all items under $500.00.

Competition Comparison

Before you purchase a complete cannon, barrel, or carriage, be sure you compare all of our manufacturing specifications and all of our finishing steps with our competitors. You will find that Steen Cannons cannot be surpassed in quality and workmanship.

Click here to learn more about how we stack up against other cannon makers.

Shipping and Handling

For shipping of hardware & implements, add 5% East of the Mississippi and 8% West of the Mississippi. All gun carriages & barrels are shipped by motor freight collect to the customer with a $200.00 crating fee unless otherwise arranged by purchaser.

Rules and Regulations on Firing Muzzle loading Artillery

Firing Civil War Artillery Instructional Video

Download Safety Regulations .pdf

History of Artillery

Click here to learn more about the History of Field Artillery

Misc Civil War Resources

The following are sources for various items that customers often request. Click here for a .doc of this information.

Cannon Friction Primers:
Phil “Boom Boom” Sieglein
5026 Mile Stretch Drive
Holiday, Fl. 34690
Phone (between 9 am & 3 pm): (727) 934-4330

Friction Primers by Premium Powder & Pyrotechnics:
Jason Clagg, Owner
Rt. 2 Box 322
Ona, WV 25545
Cell: (304) 208-5508
Home: (304) 762-2569
E-mail: pyrogunner@yahoo.com
Web site: www.premiumpowderandpyro.com

Black Powder by Jacks Powder Keg
Marksville, LA
Call Angelo
Business: 318-253-6423
or: 888-245-9631
E-mail: ajp3@bellsouth.net

Cannon Ball Molds:
Bill Anderson
Phone: (757) 870-5493
E-mail: billyrb18@msn.com

Charlie Young
Phone (916) 725-3442

Cannon Sights:
Fred Chapman (Chapman & Son)
14893 C. Drive North
Marshall, MI 49068
Phone: (269) 781-4581
E-mail: cannonsight@comcast.net

Carriage Parts:
Carriage Parts LTD
1017 Russwood Dr.
Knoxville, TN 37920
Phone: (865) 573-8045
E-mail: ken.creswell@comcast.net

Paint Information:
Our company uses only two paint companies, Pittsburgh Paint Co.(PPG) or the Porter Paint Co. owned by Pittsburgh. The paint formulas will be the same for both companies but will differ in product.The gallon formula that you will need to take to the paint store is, B-5Y, C-2Y32, G-8, Z-16 also, this formula has to be used in a neutral base or Ultra Deep Base. Depending on if you are painting a wood carriage or a metal carriage will also depend on what product you will need to use. Before painting any surface I recommend using a sanding sponge or sandpaper of medium grit and rub over all surfaces to be painted. If you are painting over new wood or bare metal I suggest using a good primmer. If you are re-coating a surface that already has paint on it then do your light sanding as described above and spot prime any bare surfaces then apply our finish coats. On wood I recommend one coat of primmer, one coat of oil bass enamel and two coats of 100% acrylic exterior paint. On metal carriages the only difference will be in the primmer. I recommend a light sanding (rubbing over the surface and dusting off the dust) between coats until you apply your finish coat. On wood carriage hardware we use only oil base paint. On all aluminum carriages everything gets the same paint as described above. In choosing out door paint remember GLOSS exterior paint is equal to SEMI-GLOSS interior paint when it comes to how shinny it is. We always use a GLOSS exterior 100% acrylic paint for our final coats.

How to Obtain Working Blueprints

TABLES OF FIRE (Range Tables) – Click here to download the .pdf (30mb)

10 Different Tables for Civil War Field Cannons

These were glued to the inside of the Ammunition Chest Cover
They are great to frame and decorate an artillery or gun room

6 Pdr. BRONZE Gun, Model 1841
12 Pdr. BRONZE Gun, Model 1857 [Napoleon]
12 Pdr. BRONZE Mountain Howitzer Model 1841
3.67 In. BRONZE Rifled Gun [Experimental]
3 In. Wrought Iron ORDINANCE RIFLE, Model 1861
10 Pdr. Iron PARROTT RIFLE [2.9 Inch Bore]
24 Pdr. BRONZE Field Howitzer
12 Pdr. BRONZE Gun, Model 1841

$4 each or a set of all 10 for $25 + postage
(Mailed Flat in a heavy duty mailer)

Antique Ordnance Publishers
PO Box 610434
Port Huron, MI 48061
Priority Mail Postage
Eastern and Central Time Zones: $5.00, Mountain Time Zone: $7.00, Pacific Time Zone: $9.00
[1 Table or 10, it is the same postage rate]

Antique Ordnance Publishers
PO Box 610434, Port Huron, MI 48061
Tel: (810) 987-7749
Cell: (810) 444-9710
E-mail: AOrdP434@comcast.net

Address & Contact Information

Steen Cannon & Ordnance Works
515 29th Street
Ashland, KY 41101
Phone: (606) 326-1188
Cell: (606) 922-5443
Fax: (606) 326-1049
E-Mail: steencannons@windstream.net
For a quick and short response you can email steencannons@gmail.com

Or just click here to send us a message through this website.

Office Hours

OPEN Most days about 8 or 9 occasionally as early as 7, But SOMEDAYS as late as 12 or 1

WE CLOSE about 4 or 6 occasionally about 3 or 5, But Sometimes as late as 9 or 11

SOMEDAYS and afternoons, we aren’t here at all and lately I’ve been here just about all the time, except when I’m someplace else. It is always best to call first before you come.

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